Eighth Tower Records – Witchcraft & Black Magic in the United Kingdom

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The idea of paganism has not only been around for centuries upon centuries, but it has permeated our very society as we know it. The legends and horror stories of witches, people sacrificing animals, worshipping heathen gods, selling your soul to the devil; all and more are subjects that we’re familiar with in some form, and the most famous of those are of the witches and black magic. Many artists have brought such a concept to life on multiple times, and it’s Eighth Tower Records that takes the focus of dark ambient to the land of the United Kingdom to bring back witches in such a fashion that is nigh on delectable.

All the tales that surround them are numerous enough to fill several compendiums more than they already do, and it’s the exact sort of thing that fits perfectly for some creepy as fuck music. Even the cover art…

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