AMN Reviews: The Great Old Ones – Mythos Of Cthulhu (2023; Eighth Tower Records)

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Eighth Tower is back with another Lovecraft-inspired release. This is the second from The Great Old Ones, a stage name of experimentalist and label head Raffaele Pezzella. Guest musicians include Mario Lino Stancati on voice and electric guitar, and Alexandros Magkos (Grim Machine) on percussion, electronics, and voice.

Not unlike its predecessor, Mythos Of Cthulhu focuses on electroacoustic ambient, with synth-driven droning textures and lilting passages. These haunting pieces evoke the underwater city of R’lyeh, where Cthulhu lies in a death-like slumber, as well as the activities of human cultists.

To the latter point, The Tablets Of Ubbo-Sathla features muted ritual chant, throat singing, and tribal percussion in addition to strange effects and noises. Other pieces are more open-ended and experimental, with sculpted electronics that shimmer with discordance as well as bells, chimes, and elements from field recordings.

Rather than just encompassing the ancient terror that is Cthulhu, the album…

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