AMN Reviews: Various Artists – Mysterium, Incubus et Terror – Music Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe Stories (2023; Eighth Tower Records)

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Edgar Allan Poe was one of the first modern writers to incorporate psychological terror and macabre elements into his works. Poe’s exploration of the psyche, obsession, and the dark side of humanity continues to shape horror literature and film today. Indeed, his deliberate pacing and use of unreliable narrators – characters who deceive, have incomplete knowledge, or are insane – have become staples of the genre.

Mysterium, Incubus et Terror is the latest experimental ambient compilation of new works from Eighth Tower Records. It features tracks from Morgen Wurde, Mombi Yuleman, Kloob alone and with Onasander, Rapoon, Mario Lino Stancati, Michael Bonaventure, Lars Bröndum, [ówt krì], and Henrik Meierkord. Each of these interprets one of ten Poe stories in musical form.

At first blush, these tracks – all in the 4-8 minute range – are surprisingly consistent in their quiet approach. There is rather little in the way of dynamics…

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