Yog-Sothoth by The Great Old Ones

Warmth Highest


Genre: Dark Ambient

Rating: 4/5

This could be an above average Cryo Chamber release and it’s very much in the same sonic ballpark. Cryo Chamber releases almost all fall into a 3 or 4 star rating tier to my ears. Like this release, the 4 star releases have a special flair.

Yog-Sothoth has monstrous sonic waves with tentacles comprised of individual notes adding color and spice. The combination makes for an engaging listen.

The Lovecraft theme is fun and is what drew me to this record in the get.

I like Lovecraft and I think the new recent uptick in appreciation of Lovecraftian mythology is cool but I wish that Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe were appreciated more in tandem. Maybe these guys could make some Poe centered records 😡

The physical CDR comes with a poster but the poster doesn’t look as cool as the album cover which…

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Drones Of A Lighter Nightmare Prevail on Sonologyst’s ‘Interdimensional’

Dungeon Synth & Dark Ambient Reviews!!

I truly enjoy the bleakest of Dark Ambient albums. As with any other genre, there are times for a particular taste that maximizes the power of connection between music and the listener. One of my favorite sub-genres of Dark Ambient is Drone. Sure there are some similarities between Drone and say, Industrial Ambient but it has some differences as well. Instead of harsh tones and mechanized discordance, there is a reticent, more ominous sound that allows for the utmost space for meditation and a dream-like state for potential out-of-body experiences. One artist that majestically captures these types of moments is Sonologyst. The latest album, ‘Interdimensional’ is a top-rate experience in eerie modulations and dismal tones that are equally creepy as they are thought provoking. These six tracks create a dynamic world of gray, scenic prowess and a cold atmosphere that blurs the line between dark and light.

Haunting lead off…

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David Cronenberg has got to be filmmaking’s Maestro of unwelcome attacks on the human form, and his films have some of the greatest of these transformative effects. From Videodrome to The Fly to Scanners to Existenz to The Brood to Dead Ringers, our Canadian lord of the weird has given us more than enough reasons not to mess with our biology. In the third of Eighth Towers’ great Dark Fiction Trilogy of tributes, we experience The Body of Horror: Stories Inspired by the Cinema of David Cronenberg.

Stories by: Glynn Owen Barrass, Sarah Walker, John Edwin Buja, Richard Alan Scott, Andrew Coulthard, John Chadwick, Michael Housel, Nora B. Peevy, Andy Paciorek, Andrew Freudenberg.

Purchase Link:


I’m certain you will be surprised and delighted by my offering: QINGLONG, the story of a good man who regains his strength after an illness, in a gigantic way.

Purchase directly from Eighth Tower:

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Eighth Tower Records is proud to release a compilation of music inspired by the cinema of the legendary Canadian director David Cronenberg, sound companion to the upcoming literary ANTHOLOGY. More than a cult filmmaker, a true legend of the contemporary cinema, Cronenberg inspired an unimaginable number of artists all over the world and in every field of artistic expression. Cronenberg’s signature is a mix of graphic sex and violence broadly known as “body horror.”His work explores human fears and desires not commonly expressed in cinema, such as disease, aging, mental illness, and sexual fetishism. “Everybody’s a mad scientist, and life is their lab. We’re all trying to experiment to find a way to live, to solve problems, to fend off madness and chaos.” – David Cronenberg

Previously unreleased music by:
Sigillum S (Italy), Desiderii Marginis (Sweden), Sonologyst (Italy), Mario Lino Stancati, Schloss Tegal (US), dodenskald (Iran), UNCODIFIED (Italy), Jarl (Sweden)…

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Émission 244 : le dimanche 21 novembre 2021

La Croche oreille

La Croche Oreille
vous propose un survol de trois anthologies préparées par Raffaele Pezzella et ses collaborateurs sur l’étiquette Unexplained Sounds Group. Au programme, des musiques expérimentales péruviennes, des explorations musicales chinoises et des créations sonores de l’Inde. (Photo : tirée de l’Album Anthology Of Exploratory Music From India, Peinture ancienne de l’Inde © 2021)

Œuvres au programme :
À venir…

Présentée sur les ondes de CKRL 89,1 le dimanche à 21 h, La Croche oreille est réalisée et animée par Gaëtan Gosselin.

Le contenu de l’émission est disponible en baladodiffusion.
Si le lien est rompu, nous contacter.


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My latest hot Merch from Eighth Tower Books out of Italy is the tribute anthology to master Lucio Fulci’s Death Trilogy of horror films, THE BEYOND. I have a novelette in this one so you can really get emerged in it. SON OF NO ONE is at once a character study and itself a nerve-jittering search for a serial killer in 1970’s New York City, featuring hedonists, psychics, nosy reporters, serial killers and Satanists, it’s a nail biting dive into adult supernatural noir. Narrated by a street-wise character from New Yawk back in the day, readers may think I have lost my mind.

Leading the cast is Fulci’s heroine of comely psychic Mary Woodhouse, who was portrayed by Fulci regular Catriona Maccoll, from his 1981 shocker, “City of the Living Dead.” This was the groundbreaker that treated its viewers to a man’s head being skewered by an electric drill…

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Eighth Tower Records is proud to release a tribute CD to the Italian master of horror cinema Lucio Fulci, and his Death Trilogy.
THE BEYOND – MUSIC INSPIRED BY THE LUCIO FULCI DEATH TRILOGY (pre-order – 200 copies limited edition, 6 panels CD).

This new Eighth Tower Records project, dedicated to the Lucio Fulci’s “Trilogy Of Death”, a unique and unrepeatable achievement in the history of Italian “supernatural cinema”, tries to imagine an alternative soundtrack for those movies.

The several souls of Fulci’s movies are evoked by the musicians through a variety of music styles (electroacoustic, dark ambient, concrete music, progressive rock, drone music).

The accompanying Anthology (Release Date TBA) will include Mr. Scott’s supernatural/noir novelette, SON OF NO ONE.

Purchase or listen link:


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V/A ~ Anthology of Experimental Music from Mexico

a closer listen

There is a certain narrative emerging from the excellent Anthologies being curated by Unexplained Sounds Group, in which the world outside the so-called global north is a place full of traditions and interactions beyond the commonalities in a genre like experimental music, whose definition is, however useful to us writers, vague and loose. The places where those commonalities are most prominent – say, a disruption of tonality, or an exploratory take on sound phenomena – become representative of a “globalized” or “universal” setting, whereas those places in which musicians veer slightly off-course become interesting*. These rationalist/romantic categories have been at the core of discussions related to modernism for a couple centuries now, and one of the shapes it is expressed through is a conceptual tension between “progress and tradition”, as the liner notes to this Anthology put it. They describe Mexico as such a place, divided between two…

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Mastering to Cassette Tape

Most read article!

Sonologyst - Mixing & Mastering

An interesting article by L-Rox about mastering to cassette tape.

Beyond the Nostalgia

The anatomy of the Compact Cassette Tape

I grew up listening to vinyl and cassettes; I’m not that old, but growing up all we had was vinyl and cassettes to listen to. The first time I recorded anything, it was on cassette. I remember my dad letting me use his Hi-fi to tape some of our vinyl records and things from the radio when I was a child and when I grew up and wanted to record some music with friends, we all pitched in and bought a 4-track cassette portastudio. After bouncing tape tracks on that, and using one of the tracks to print timecode so it could trigger playback on my sampler, the mixdown went to another (stereo) cassette deck. That’s really when I became interested in getting the best sonic fidelity from cassette tape.

So why go back to using cassettes?…

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Various Artists – Anthology of Post-Industrial Music from Balkan Region

Santa Sangre

[Reviewed by Psymon Marshall]

Given that it’s only been thirty years since the fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent breaking away of former satellite and client states, this anthology of the explorations of sonic artists from the Balkan region of south-east Europe represents an appropriate opportunity to explore how the influence of Communist (and repressive) Soviet culture created a particular approach to the making of music, particularly in terms of the industrial genre. Back in the early 90s when I ran an industrial music ‘zine I used to get a smattering of releases from Russian acts, and it would be fair to define the parameters of their output tended to be on the harsher, noisier side of the spectrum, in a sense the sound equivalent of Brutalist architecture. Even then I wondered whether this was a reflection of Eastern European culture as we understood it then (given how…

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