Various Artists – Music For Abandoned Cold War Places (Drone, Experimental, Post Industrial, dark Ambient)


Michael Bonaventure & Loo(p)cy – Across The Blood (Ambient, Progressive, Avant-Garde)


Joel Gilardini – The Age Of Space (Drone Ambient, Space Ambient, Experimental)


Various Artists – Anthology Of Persian Experimental Music Vol. II (Experimental, Ambient, Ethnic, Electroacoustic)


ReStruKture – UnDeath (Industrial – Electro)


Deep Dive Sound – Disintegrated Nature (Ambient, Contemporary)

deep dive

Various Artists – The Abyss Within (Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient, Occult, Atmospheric)

The Abyss Within cover

Arpatle – Extinct  (drone ambient, industrial)


Various Artists – Anthology Of Post Industrial Music From Balkan Region (Experimental, Post Industrial, Noise, Ambient) 
Anthology Of Post Industrial Music From Balkan Region
Henrik Meierkord & friends – Zero Pulse Derivation (Modern classic, Ambient, Drone,)

henrik meierkord

Various Artists – Demonology In Dante’s Inferno (Drone, Experimental, Avant-Garde, Ambient)

Demonology In Dante's Inferno - front cover

Mario Lino Stancati – Cross The Desert (Ambient, Concrete Music, Avant-garde)

MLS front cover low res

Samuel Goff – Transmission (Musique Concrete, Avantgarde, Field Recordings)
samuel goff
HLER – LGM-1 (Deep Drone, Space Ambient, Experimental)

HLER - LGM-1 front cover

Various Artists – Drone Islands – The Lost Maps (Drone, Dark Ambient, Experimental)

drone islands - lost maps - front

Various Artists – Unexplained Sounds Group / The 5Th Annual Report (Experimental, Avant garde, Ambient)

5th annual report front
Chemical Resistance –  My Low Heart ( Drone, Post Rock, Ambient)

cover Cristiano mastering
Reza Solapitour – The Gate (Dark Ambient)

Various Artists – Anthology Of Persian Experimental Music (Ambeint, Drone, Free Improvisation, Avantgarde)

Persian compilation front cover
deaf at sea – deaf at sea (ambient, avant garde, soundscapes)

deaf at sea
Loopcy & Simone Serafini – Eden’s Noise  ( Ambient, Improvisation, Psychedelic)

Various Artists – Witchcraft & Black Magic In The United Kingdom (Drone, Ambient, Hauntology, Experimental)

Bandcamp CD Template
Various Artists – Anthology of contemporary music from Middle East (Improvisation, Avantgarde, Experimental)

Middle East front cover
MICHAEL BONAVENTURE – In Tenebris Ratione Organi  (Avantgarde, Dark Ambient, Organ Music)

XUXU – Opus 1 (Drone Ambient, Experimental, IDM)

XUXU Opus1
KLOOB – Unpredictable Signs (Drone, Dark Ambient, Soundscapes)

SONOLOGYST – Phantoms  (Concrete, Experimental, Sound art, Avangarde)

phantoms front cover
J S-Horsman – A Suite For Ten Habitable Planets (Experimental – Concrete – Abstract)

JS Horsman
Various Artists -Drone Islands – Land Rising (Experimental, Drone, Industrial, Noise)

promo pic front
Bloodkry – Existence (Experimental, Noise)

Bloodcry - Existence
Loo(p)cy – Eve (Ambient, Experimental guitar)

Various Artists – Anthology of contemporary music from Africa continent (Experimental / Ambient / Etno-Folk)

Africa survey
Various Artists – Noise Active Area (Noise / Experimental)

active noise area
Kivitog (Ambient / Electronica )

CORDIS CINCTI SERPENTE (Ambient / Experimental / Industrial)

cordis cincti
ELIPHAS AND THE MAGICK SOUNDSHOTS (Electro / Industrial). Re-mastering of original 1992 tape.

DISTANT FIRES BURNING (Post rock / Ambient )

Distant Fire Burning cover
ASHTORETH / NO ONE (drone ambient / gloomy experimentalism)

Redemption by Ashtoreth + No One
Various Artists – Anthology of Electroacoustic Lebanese Music (electroacoustic, ambient, avantgarde, improvisation)
Anthology of Lebanese Music (1)
Jeton Hoxha – Vowel (drone, ambient)
Vowel cover web 
Various Artists – Decay, Death and Darkness – Aural visions of Beksiński’s art (dark ambient, experimental noise, industrial)
Beksinski front cover 
Colvmn – Various Artists (Industrial / Techno Ambient)
Adonai Atrophia – Metahistory (esoteric, occult, dark ambient)
Metahistory BC dark cover
Shelter of Trees – Requiem for dislocated angels (drone –  ambient)
Kiki Ka – Streams of Fantasia (electronic – dub – avant pop)
Michael Bonaventure – Works 2008-2017 (avantgarde  – neo classic)
vÄäristymä / DRS – Minimalia Nocturna (drone –  noise – minimal)
minimalia nocturna cover low res
Sonologyst – Silencers. The conspiracy theory dossiers (experimental – noise – electronic)
Urs Wild – Hidden Universe (drone – dark ambient)
Various Artists – Labyrinth (drone – noise – dark ambient)
Sonologyst – Electrons. A scientific essay (experimental electronic)
Various Artists – Dur Untash (noise –  drone)
Aseptic Void – Ideazione di Contrasto (minimal dark ambient)
Antidorsessions – Kuri (experimental – noise – dub)
Various Artists – Heresy (dark – gothic ambient – noise – occult)
Barrel Blood – Midwinter live improvisation (free improvisation – progressive)
Michael Grunditz (featuring Melissa Keeling and Inese Klotina) – Time passes (classical – avant-garde)
Nihil Impulse – Stasis (industrial, death industrial, noise)

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