Some comments by musicians I have the honor and pleasure to collaborate with.

“XUXU is pretty much born because of Unexplained Sounds Group. A community with Raffaele Pezzella as “headmaster.” (Look it up! Recommended.) He has also mastered this album for me. ” Tom Stale Engebretsen



“I am very impressed about that what Raffaele can make with sound. He gave the final touch to my album that fits perfectly and makes it exactly what it’s has to be. I can recommend him to everyone, service price is not high and quality is more than perfect!” (Ville Rantanen, Bloodcry).



“Just a quick word about the mastering service of Sonologyst. I have a cassette release due in September and I figured I will process everything in time, just to make sure that things don’t get delayed. I had contact with Sonologyst and he almost instantly replied. He gave very good advice about which format suits best. So not more than a week later the tracks were on their way on May 20th. By May 26 I already got them back. They sound excellent!! Just as i wanted, far away from the loudness war and a great sense of Dynamics in the master. He even sent me an email explaining exactly what he did. This makes his work very transparent. So ready to go, but by my mistake I sent him a wrong version of a track. I asked him and I could send him the right version right away. He told me he had time to master that track a week later. And indeed a week later I received the track as the other tracks in excellent condition!

Never been more happy to work with a master engineer, than with Sonologyst. And what’s more, he sure doens’t grab too much out of your wallet, so Price / Quality is more than fair! I could highly recommend the mastering work by Sonologyst
Distant Fires Burning
PS you will be able to hear his work on my album For The Love Of … (released on Audiobulb Records)
or here

Gert de Meester

Music genre under: avantgarde, post rock, ambient, improvisation.


“I have the highest regard for Raffaele’s work and would most heartily recommend his technical skills, knowledge, expertise and solid artistic sense to anyone. He is at all times clear, communicative, patient and helpful. No effort was spared in his brilliant mastering of my USG album release last year, and it was a real joy to collaborate with him!”

Michael Bonaventure


(avantgarde  – neo classic)



“I was collaborating on a duet with a pianist who lives in a different country. We each recorded our individual parts, then sent to Raffaele Pezzella for mastering. He did an incredible job — it sounded like we had recorded it in the same room! Thank you for the professional-level recording.”

Melissa Keeling


(classical – avant-garde)



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