Various Artists – Occult Realm

Santa Sangre

[Reviewed by stark]

With this compilation we set off on another journey, a journey through the realm of the occult/ritual dark ambient with Raffaele Pezella and Psymon Marshall as your guides. Some of you may recognize them: apart from being a musician himself, Raffaele is – among others – the head of Unexplained Sounds Group and Eighth Tower Records, while Psymon is a dark ambient reviewer/editor, a damn good one, I tell you this.

These individuals have joined forces and founded a new label called Big Cypress Swamp, dedicated to the occult side of dark ambient music. The moniker refers to “The Statement of Randolph Carter” short story by H. P. Lovecraft. So as you can notice, The Great Old Ones are constantly one of the key inspirations within the dark ambient world.

So, twelve tracks by the artists from Europe and US. It begins with Adonai Atrophia from Bulgaria…

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