Yog-Sothoth by The Great Old Ones

Warmth Highest


Genre: Dark Ambient

Rating: 4/5

This could be an above average Cryo Chamber release and it’s very much in the same sonic ballpark. Cryo Chamber releases almost all fall into a 3 or 4 star rating tier to my ears. Like this release, the 4 star releases have a special flair.

Yog-Sothoth has monstrous sonic waves with tentacles comprised of individual notes adding color and spice. The combination makes for an engaging listen.

The Lovecraft theme is fun and is what drew me to this record in the get.

I like Lovecraft and I think the new recent uptick in appreciation of Lovecraftian mythology is cool but I wish that Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe were appreciated more in tandem. Maybe these guys could make some Poe centered records 😡

The physical CDR comes with a poster but the poster doesn’t look as cool as the album cover which…

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